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Charcoal Soap
CharcoalLike the Odor-B-Gone soap itís a combination of soap shavings, but with the addition of activated black charcoal. Itís great as an all over skin detox, helps eliminate itchiness from skin irritants or allergies and reportedly even helps with acne. Finally, we add shea butter to help soften and condition your skin. The amazing black charcoal bar.

$5.00 ea.

Spikieís Shampoo Bar
Spikie's Shampoo BarMade as a dog shampoo, but used by a few of our Market customers as their own shampoo bar. Itís a combination of three of our soaps, the Odors B Gone, Above & Beyond and our Bug Off soap with some added castor oil for a shiny coat. Spikie may not like the bath, but the soap is a keeper.

$5.00 ea.

Gardenerís Friend
Gardener's Friend SoapFor those of us who like to play in the dirtÖ powdered eggshell and cornmeal for grit with the essential oils of peppermint, rosemary and lavender.

$5.00 ea.

A most unusual soap! Soap shavings and fresh ground coffee give this soap it's unique appearance. But it's real attraction lies in it's ability to remove difficult odors. Use it to wash away fish odors, garlic, onion and other smells. It makes a great kitchen and shop soap.

$5.00 ea.


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