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The Laughing Rabbit Soap Co.
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Give Your Skin What It Needs!

Some folks call it handmade soap or handcrafted soap, herbal soap or natural soap. Whatever the name, real handmade soap is typically the gentlest, silkiest, most easy lathering soap you can buy. That is why we make soap the old fashioned way at Laughing Rabbit Soaps, preserving the benefits of pure, gentle, and natural homemade glycerin soap.

If it is Laughing Rabbit Soap then it has glycerin because glycerin is a natural by-product of our ancient soapmaking process.

These days, commercial soap manufacturers remove the glycerin from their Supermarket Soaps because it clogs up their soap milling machines. Another reason is because glycerin is a very valuable commodity. After the glycerin has been removed from their so-called soaps, it is then sold to the cosmetic and other industries.

At Laughing Rabbit Soaps, we do not remove the glycerin because glycerin is actually a "humectant". That means that it is a substance that attracts moisture. The very same glycerin that damages corporate soap factory machines (and fixes their bottom line!) actually moisturizes and heals your skin.

Using soap that doesn't contain glycerin dries your skin out. Glycerin is also what creates the lovely, silky feel that people typically associate with our old fashioned handmade soaps. Try some handmade soap today!

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